Monday, 20 February 2012


We seem finally to have gone over the divide that separates "short, dark winter days" from "lengthening spring days".  There is a new quality of intensity to the light, that somehow makes one aware that sunlight is a form of radiation.  The colours of early spring can be a little other-wordly, newly exposed to the radiant energy beaming in onto a renewing planet.

Alarmingly for February, we are already being given a drought warning.  It's been a very dry winter in the southern half of Britain.  Looks like the car won't get washed this year, either!


Graham Dew said...

Nice pictures Mike, especially the middle one of the tree and Hockley viaduct. The light really complements the textures you were looking at.


Frank Harkin said...

I second that.

Mike C. said...

Yes, the light around the viaduct can get v. strange sometimes -- the motorway is a stone's throw away in one direction, and the River Test and the watermeadows in the other, so the atmosphere is a volatile mix of particulates!


Kent Wiley said...

And the new Blogger viewer for your photos, with multiple thumbnails and an X to close the window and return to the post are "about time" improvements to the interface. Glad to see that they - and you - are willing to update.