Thursday, 2 February 2012

Cold and Clear

There's a very cold NE airstream going over us at the moment, and everything is wonderfully crisp and clear first thing. The sun is rising that little bit earlier, now, and getting in amongst the plate glass and reflective surfaces, and bouncing all over the place. Both of these were taken this morning.

Looking at my files of images (which I order chronologically) it's obvious that February through March is one of my peak times of year for photographic good fortune; I'm hoping this year will be no exception.


Huw said...


I'm presuming you're on first-name terms with the security guards on campus? Or do they view you bemusedly from afar?


Mike C. said...


That's an interesting point. I am very rarely challenged, though after all these years I'm probably a familiar figure to most of them.

I suppose scruffy, white-haired, white people behaving oddly carry an authority on a university campus that is sadly lacking elsewhere... There are plenty of us around the place.

Having ID card controlled access to buildings helps, too.


Kent Wiley said...

Happy hunting. I have come to prefer the colors and light at this time of year too.

Mike C. said...


I have to say the best bit is knowing that soon I will not be getting out of bed at 6:30 in complete darkness, plus there's still a very real chance of some snow (maybe even this weekend).