Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year's Day 2012

I like to get out on New Year's Day and take a photo or two, however perfunctory. I left it a bit late today, so all I managed was a stroll round the neighbourhood. It was pouring with rain, so I had the LX3 under my coat, and was the only pedestrian on the streets.

There you go, "context". One resolution down. It's a start, anyway.


Martin said...

With mistletoe being as expensive as it is, I've always been surprised that some 'Herbert' hasn't shinned up that tree, by now.

Mike C. said...

It's a long way up... and I'm not entirely convinced that it is mistletoe -- it may be "witches broom", a nesty growth caused by a gall wasp. Time to get out the climbing irons...


Kent Wiley said...

Glad to see that a resolution can be checked off with a single photo. Maybe it's time for me to make some of those kinds of resolutions.

Thanks for not bothering with the iPhone. Jesus, the entire planet seems to have gone mad for those devices. More dumbing down.

But I'm really not mad as hell and not going to take it any more. Grouchy old guy, yes.

Happy New Year.

Mike C. said...


That's the best sort of resolution! I resolve not to eat that biscuit. Done.

For a phone, or for someone who likes to live their life via a device, the iPhone makes a good camera. As a camera, it makes a good phone.

Happy New Year!


Dave Leeke said...

For an occasional quick snap, the iPhone is fine.I'm not a photographer (and whateveryourdiety knows, certainly not a good one) but it's fun to use to take some snaps - including instant videos. I do use one but simply because I was tied to a contract with a lesser phone (a Samsung Omnia Lite, diety knows!)but now I can use the iPhone as a proper phone. It actually works!

I'm not mad for it, Kent (Hi, good to "talk" again) it just serves a purpose. As Mike says, it's good enough for someone like me - I'll leave the serious stuff to you photographer types - so carry on and impress us with your skills. The whole point is that it works. Amen.

I spent most of late Autumn (Fall) looking for mistletoe having seen tons of it driving back from Wales to East Anglia - mistletoe, mistletoe all around but none to chop down and take home for decoration . . . .

Dave Leeke said...

Actually, Mike - your photo looks like an English Joshua Tree.

Mike C. said...


Enough of the hints about my "diety" -- that's on my list, too.

I think the ace that the iPhone plays very well is its screen. Viewed at that size and with the boost in colour and clarity that the iPhone screen gives, it's wonderful. It's also fun, which counts for a lot.

I took a few with it outdoors today now the weather has cheered up, for comparison purposes, and was impressed -- until I uploaded them onto my PC and looked at them in Photoshop. In the end, it's a teeny-tiny sensor doing a bang-up job for its size, but -- even at 8 Mpixels -- I don't think they'd bear comparison as prints with any but the most modest compact camera.

I have serious iPad lust at the moment, though, after checking out the Brushes app... I'll get over it.