Thursday, 14 July 2011

Special Offer!

OK, people, here's the deal.

For a limited time (more than a week, less than a month, something like that) I am making available a smaller, 8"x10" version of the Curriculum book, which is "invitation only"; that is, it is not yet publicly-available on the Blurb site, and the only way anyone can see (or buy) it is via the link on this blog. It is offered at cost price i.e. I have added no profit (for me) to the price. You get it at the same price I get it.

I have made these copies available on standard paper, from the softcover at £17.95 to the imagewrap hardcover at £24.95. When the book goes public, I will be selling it as a softcover and an imagewrap hardcover, on premium paper only, with a little profit for me added on, at a price of £23.50 and £30.00 respectively. I can't figure out just yet how to give you the choice to upgrade to premium paper: it's worth the increase in price, as it gives a noticeable improvement in image quality. When I do, I'll turn it on.

If you are surprised by these prices, remember that "print on demand" is publishing for fun, but not for profit; it's "pretend publishing", if you like. Bulk discounts are available from Blurb, but any crazy optimist who buys 100 or more copies of their own book (which will probably sell ten copies, max) simply in order to reduce the cover price by a few pounds is in need of professional help (either from an accountant or a psychotherapist, probably both).

Anyway, here it is: [link removed]

Now do the right thing. Or don't; I really don't mind, as I make nothing either way.

Note that the new book is not an exact, reduced facsimile of the original 13"x11" version. It contains the same pictures and texts in the same sequence, but some of them -- which could be rendered quite small on the large 13"x11" pages -- would have become unintelligible at 8"x10", so I have enlarged them. This has affected the flow of the sequence, so some other relative sizes have been changed, too, so that this version now has its own, slightly different dynamic. I doubt anyone but me would ever notice or care about this.

[And, no, I won't be signing copies of this version. Sorry.]


seany said...

Thanks Mike, order placed< looking forward to viewing the book.

Mike C. said...

Hope it's to your liking, seany -- I haven't yet figured out how to turn on the premium paper, which is annoying.


Paul Mc Cann said...

Received my copy this morning.

Some images stand well in their own right but the majority gain from the juxtaposition and the quotations.

An acquired taste worth acquiring. I think I now have a better appreciation of your work from/to (?) that gained from the occasional image on your blog.

A longer look will no doubt pay dividends.

Mike C. said...

Glad it's to your liking, Paul -- shame about the "standard" paper, though, the "show-through" of images on the reverse of each page is worse than I remembered.


Kent Wiley said...

I'm coming to this late, Mike. Good to know it's out there, but I think I'm going to wait for the premium paper edition. Will you notify us about that?

Mike C. said...


Unfortunately, I discover I can only offer either "standard" or "premium" paper -- annoyingly, I can't give you the choice.

If you really want to buy one, I can easily change the paper on the "private" version. In fact, I have just done so: it now has "premium lustre" paper, at £20.64. (I've chosen the lustre finish, as it does seem to bring out the colours more, though as a paper finish I think I prefer the matte).

Let me know whether/when you buy one, and I'll revert to "standard" paper.