Sunday, 3 July 2011

July Is Too Green

A sultry, overcast July day -- not much fun to be walking around in, but just the thing if subtle gradations of tone are your thing.

I'm never quite sure whether or not I feel like a counterfeiter when I go down the digital monochrome route, but ten minutes mucking about with the controls on Photoshop certainly beats an afternoon breathing noxious fumes in a darkroom. Besides, July is way too green for my taste.

Back in the world of colour, I saw this today:

I'm not sure who's meant to see it, or how, but it's the thought that counts, I suppose. As that witty fellow David Malki puts it in one of his Wondermark cartoons, "Free Tibet! (plus $8.95 shipping and handling)".


Kent Wiley said...

I definitely agree about July being too green. Around here that means too humid as well.

What's happening w/ the book?

Mike C. said...


Final draft nearly finished, "popular edition" to be launched in a week or two.


Gardener in the Distance said...

I love your Black and Whites.

Mike C. said...

Thanks, GitD, I'm having a monochrome phase at the moment, so there'll probably be more soon (if Blogger ever stops falling over).