Sunday, 3 April 2011

Viaduct VI

Another Sunday afternoon wandering about on, under, and around the arches at Hockley Viaduct. The spring sunshine came and went, and rain threatened but never fell. Most of the time I was whistling (attempting to whistle) the Aria of the Goldberg Variations, or singing (attempting to sing) the theme from the Sharpe TV series, "Over the Hills and Far Away". I have no idea why. It's what I do when I'm out on my own, trying to get "in the zone".


Dave Leeke said...

"Over The Hills and Far Away" was by John Tams - a man who is about to prove that good things come to all who wait long enough. Spielberg is making a film version of "War Horse" and it's Tams' music that will be used in it.

Fancy suddenly becoming a millionaire after spending all your life as an old folkie. There's hope for us all.

Verification: plisma.

A South African doctor's request? "Quick, nurse,get some plisma for this patient."

Mike C. said...


Not quite "by" -- it's a genuine Hanoverian song, adapted by Tams for TV. It even figures in the play "The Recruiting Officer" (1706) by George Farquhar, and in the Beggar's Opera.

I haven't seen War Horse -- did Tams do the music for the stage?


Dave Leeke said...

Sorry, yes, you're right - I simply meant the theme from Sharpe was by JT - he tends to re-write where necessary.

Yes, he did the "song making" for the stage play at the NT. Much like his work for "Lark Rise" in the 70s and all the various National Theatre productions he's been involved in.

It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. An absolute gent.

Mike C. said...

And a crack shot with a Baker rifle -- he used to be a poacher, you know, before becoming a Chosen Man...