Monday, 21 March 2011

House and Garden

I have no idea who lives here, but their taste in low-maintenance "wild gardening" is to be admired. The mixed flock of tits and finches that flew through as I was taking the photographs certainly seemed to think so.


Poetry24 said...

This reminds me of how our garden in Cornwall looked, before I attacked it. I probably wouldn't have gone to all the effort, either, if we hadn't needed the veg.

Mike C. said...


Once in a lifetime, everyone should get the chance to clear a completely overgrown garden. I've done it twice -- the best was helping to clear the back of my sister's first house, as my reward was finding two WW2 steel helmets at the end of the garden. I was at an age for this to be about as exciting as uncovering a stack of gold bars.

Once is enough, though.