Friday, 18 March 2011


A couple more page spreads from the ongoing "mirrors / windows / walls" book:

I have reached the point in this project where I need to put it away for a bit, so that I can see it again with fresh eyes in a few weeks. I can't decide whether it's a work of outstanding originality or just a bit dull and repetitive, really. Ah, the borderline between "outstanding" and "a bit dull" can be very fine! (actually, no, it never is, really, is it?).

By the way, great news for anyone out there I've turned on to Blurb: the new release of their (free, downloadable) book-making software BookSmart contains two much-anticipated new features.

First, you can now resize a book project, which (assuming it works without complications) is something I've felt the need for several times. You start out making a 7"x7" square book, say, then realise it should have been landscape 8"x10" all along. It's been such a pain starting all over again. This new facility looks like a real time-saver.

Second, you can now drag and drop your photo into an image box that spans a whole double page-spread. This is less obviously brilliant... Yes! You, too, can now make annoying photobooks where part of the image disappears into the centre gutter-fold! But, if you're into that "full-bleed" look where the image is printed right to the edge of the page it could be just what you need. I might give it a try.


Poetry24 said...

I'm using the latest for a selection of my poetry. I've decided to go for the cheap and cheerful 8"x 5" pocketbook. It looks fine at the moment, but the facility for changing template could still come in very handy.

For what it's worth, from someone who aspires to be an amateur, one day, your mirrors/windows/walls is my favourite so far, based on what I've seen.

Mike C. said...

I've read somewhere that the 8x5 works OK for photos, too, provided you accept the trade-off in quality -- there's been a recent fashion for "newsprint" photo zine-style publications, kind of a reaction against the Steidl / Nazraeli tendency, and I'm all for that, in principle. The 8x5 would be excellent for that approach.

As with resizing photos, it's always to go down in size, not up, so it's best to start big.


Anonymous said...

Outstanding originality, OK?

Now, back to work with you.

Mike C. said...

Too kind, Andy. Unfortunately, I will be back to work first thing tomorrow morning, and must listen to a presentation on some new software wheeze that will doubtless make yet more thankless work for me. A few more years and I can take early retirement, though, and become a proper gentleman of leisure.


Dave Leeke said...

Interestingly, the verification word is "vilitin" - you might need some of that by the time you retire.

Mike C. said...

I have no idea what "vilitin" is, Dave -- is it a sedative that tastes disgusting?