Friday, 1 October 2010

Foggy Morning

On the last day of September, we had a really dense morning fog. When it comes to landscape, I'm at heart a romantic photographer, more excited by unusual lighting conditions and weather events than by clear vistas.

Oddly, although the university sits on top of a hill, mists and fog are often denser up there than lower down in the town. On foggy mornings I know I'm going to get ten to fifteen minutes of fun after I've parked the car, before the rising sun has burned off the veil of mist. The Panasonic GF1 seems to thrive on these demanding exposures: in the end, I just set it to "auto" and let the software do its thing.

The newly-completed Life Sciences building towers
over some more modest life sciences enterprises.

The Faraday Building (of philatelic fame) looms
(but for how much longer?)

The sun comes up over the engineering buildings

BTW, that isn't lens distortion on the buildings on the right of the middle photo. That's the cantilevered end of our recent library extension, with the even more bizarrely cantilevered entrance to the Lanchester Building in the background. It always reminds me of Dali's painting Le Sommeil.

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