Sunday, 1 August 2010

Moon over Babaluma

I went over to Romsey Abbey this afternoon, to give a close external inspection to the venerable Norman stonework, in which I hoped to discover many stories. There were plenty, but I'd mostly heard/seen them before.

The most interesting discovery was that someone -- presumably in relative antiquity, when the fabric of cathedrals and the like was treated with rather less cringing respect than now -- had engraved crude little pictures of houses and churches all round the facade, the sort a child would draw with a curl of smoke coming out of the chimney. Curious.

In the end, I found the most interesting things in the car park as I was leaving. Some very squashed dots in the parking bays made an interesting series of moons and landscapes with moons.

Soon over Babaluma

The Moon of the Twin Hamsters

The Moon of the Were-Rabbit


Bronislaus Janulis said...

Nice ones. You see some stuff. Very good on you.

Dave Lamb said...

I confess, at first many of your pictures (but not all, lest you think I'm too cruel) left me flat (e.g. "barriers") but I've hung on (pretty much every morning truth be told) for your hilarious prose..."The Enemy Within" & "Open Day" (and I might add -button with 2 nearby circles- currently graces my desktop-) come to mind.
These curious new "moons" - the haunting strains of "Come Sta, La Luna" especially work as background for Soon over Babaluma and I think I'll treat my desk to the hamsters now, with your permission - and most of "Black and Blue" are really up my snicket…as you Europeans might say.
Whatever that means.

Mike C. said...

Thanks, Bron -- somewhere along the line, I think that the part of the mind which conjures faces and figures out of visual "noise" has got itself uppermost in my brain...

Dave, not everything is for everyone, but I'm glad I can hit the spot for the unconvinced once in a while. You are welcome to download images from this blog, though my extensive legal team will take a dim view of any attempts at distribution... A "snicket", btw, is a northern dialect term for the alleyway that runs between "back-to-back" houses.