Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Hugin and Munin

I've been playing a double game, recently. As well as looking for interesting variations on the "white walls" and "dark walls" themes, I've been making parallel sets of pictures using both an Olympus E-P1 fitted with the 17mm lens and a Panasonic GF1 fitted with the 20mm lens.

It has made an interesting comparison, and I may post something about the results soon. The main purpose has not been to discover "which is better", however, but to explore the different inclinations and tendencies of two very capable cameras. All cameras have personalities, and these two are very different. I've felt quite comfortable (and rather privileged) with one slung over each shoulder, like Hugin and Munin.

Hugin and Munin, of course, are the pair of ravens who -- in Norse mythology -- fly out over the wide world, gathering gossip and intelligence, and bring it all back home to Odin, sat on his shoulders.


Struan said...

There's an aristocracy of gossips, and your choice of Odin's birds reminds me (a little) of the new age types who are inevitably reincarnations of princesses and sages, never slatterns or gong farmers.

Mark me down as a Ratatosk.

Mike C. said...

Hey, Struan, long time since you came scampering up this trunk... I was thinking you must be on a sabbatical.

I confess I had to look up "gong farmer" (thoughts of Radio Gnome Invisible and flying teapots came to mind -- probably before your time) -- can't imagine how I have never come across that before.

Will you ever write another Twiglog, or must I delete that bookmark?


Struan said...

'Good intentions ne'er boiled a haddock.'

But. I go on.

The ideas pile up thick and fast, but potential posts have a habit of snowballing into The Key to All Mythologies. And dying.

I've been on holiday, and visiting relatives, and just reading a lot.

Mike C. said...

"The best is the enemy of the good" and "little and often" -- words to live by, esp. for those of a Casaubon-ish tendency.