Saturday, 5 June 2010

Mappa Mundi


Carsten S said...

I, too, was drawn to a blue wall.
Indeed, I was thinking of your art when I took the above. Now I see your much more subtle picture. I like it very much.

Mike C. said...

Hi Carsten,

I highly recommend experimenting with a square crop on this kind of picture - I think it has intrinsic merits, but you also get a second chance to tighten the composition!

If you place a square over the "left middle" of your image, for example, something interesting happens -- I like the way the white paper leads out of the frame edge, and it's good to decentre that interesting lighter blue rectangle.

Ein Vorschlag nur -- bin kein Photoguru!


Carsten S said...

Hi Mike,

this is a late answer, but I wanted to thank you for your suggestion. I agree that a less symmetrical composition would have been more interesting.

And by the way: If you were a photo guru then your blog would be much less interesting.

Best regards,