Monday, 21 June 2010

Empty Chairs

I find there are few things as evocative of people as empty chairs. In Gestalt Therapy, an empty chair is an important presence in the room.

In the West, at least, the world seems to be liberally scattered with these open invitations to take the weight off your feet. Stacked, strewn, ordered in neat rows: they're everywhere. And the older you get, the more gratifying that is.


Martin H. said...

We were at Mottisfont last weekend too. I'm always struck by the family 'feel' of the place. The frisbee in your second shot probably deserved a rest. They were difficult to dodge on Saturday!

Mike C. said...

Oddly, it's only become like that in recent years -- at some point, people decided the lawns were really a park, and (to my amazement, and no doubt the horror of the groundsmen) started sticking in cricket stumps, etc. I've never seen the place so busy as it is now at weekends.