Sunday, 20 June 2010

Bless the Weather

Sometimes, even the most shoe-gazing of photographers can't help but notice the people passing by. The EP-1 with the 17mm lens and optical viewfinder is an excellent instrument for this sort of opportunity. I've never used a Leica (outside of a camera shop), but I can easily see why all the classic street-shooters favour that unmediated rangefinder window on the world.

I've actually de-saturated the colours in that image, as the reality of those dyes in bright sunshine was hallucinatory. I'm beginning to wonder whether all that volcanic dust hasn't done something to the quality of our light, like some gigantic diffusion dome. On sunny days, things have started to look positively mediterranean. Or maybe it's just that my interior weather has begun to lighten.

1 comment:

Martin H. said...

Thank you for the de-saturation. I'm only just recovering from the shirt!