Sunday, 28 February 2010

The United Idiotic Nations

Flags of all nations, #47

Dave's comment yesterday mentioned the international character of this blog's visitors. I use Google Analytics to track the statistics of my vistors, though I have so little faith in what it tells me that I don't look at its analysis too often. However, for what it's worth, here are my February 2010 blog visits so far (one day to go!), counted by country:

United Kingdom 780
United States 240
Sweden 92
Canada 69
Germany 63
Austria 50
Australia 48
Italy 20
France 18
Ireland 13
Mexico 13
Russia 7
Spain 4
India 4
Singapore 4
Brazil 4
Israel 4
Romania 3
Poland 3
Philippines 3
Japan 2
Lithuania 2
Lebanon 2
Belgium 2
Malaysia 2
Norway 1
Colombia 1
Denmark 1
Hungary 1
Greece 1
Hong Kong 1
Oman 1
Bulgaria 1
Iran 1
Netherlands 1
Egypt 1
Taiwan 1
Nigeria 1
Finland 1
Sri Lanka 1
Slovakia 1
South Korea 1
Portugal 1

By the standards of, say, The Online Photographer (which gets THIRTY THOUSAND visits a DAY) this is a modest haul, but I do like its geographic spread. Obviously, you can ignore most of the "oncers" -- they came looking for something else, but were disappointed. And this is a count of visits, not visitors, so many of these countries will be represented by just one or two people. But, even so, I like the picture I see.

You're all very welcome, and if I haven't got around to mentioning or inadvertently insulting your own country, language or culture yet, please be patient. It's quite a long list.


Struan said...

I leave my browser on auto-reload just to make you feel better.....


Mike C. said...

Ha! Thanks for the thought. I'm pleased to see you also have homes in Lund, Lomma, Bolsta, Stockholm, Malmo, Hjarup, Umea and Solma ... Academic pay is obviously a lot better in Sweden (or is this a case for Mikael Blomkvist?).


c. farrell said...

It is my site that has a link to your post about caning at junior school. My site has absolutely nothing to do with "porn", and is all about the serious factual history of corporal punishment, so I don't know why you should be surprised or upset that you get referrals from my site.

Mike C. said...

In that case, accept my apologies, c. farrell! I have clearly misjudged you, your site, and the interests of its visitors.

I confess I never did take the trouble to visit, and simply (and probably cynically) put 2 and 2 together to make 5.