Sunday, 27 September 2009

Dawn to Dusk

As September rolls past the Equinox, the days begin to shorten noticeably up here in the north of the planet. From a photographic point of view, this is good news for us working folk, as it means we get that good raking light coming across the car park and the adjacent allotments when we clock in of a morning, and shining back through some of the better windows on campus as we clock off at the end of the afternoon. It's not my favourite light for the drive home, however.

In compensation, any day now we'll have the first morning mists and frosts. Scraping that first frost off the car windscreen in the morning is one of those moments that, like the first reappearance of the swifts in spring, reassures me that -- despite everything we've done as a species to put a spanner in the works -- things are still working more or less as they're supposed to. But, now that I won't be dropping my son off at the railway station every morning (gulp), I really should start walking in to work again, to help that little bit more to keep it that way.

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