Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Consider Yourself Invited

Here is the rather nice invitation that Rupert Larl has made for my Innsbruck exhibition. It's a 21cm square, folded vertically about 6.5cm in from the left, so that a narrow slice of the image on the reverse folds over to conceal the left hand column of text and make an A5 sheet -- very elegant. Vielen Dank, Rupert! I only hope that the photographs can live up to their billing.

The title ("Der Widergänger") means "The Revenant", a reference to one of the sequences featured in the exhibition, and to my habit of repeatedly haunting the same spots. Unfortunately, one spot I am unlikely to be haunting in the next month is Innsbruck, though I haven't yet completely abandoned the prospect. But, should you happen to be in Austria between 10th September and 11th October, please do drop into the gallery, and make yourself known as a reader of this blog. It is Fotoforum West, at Adolf-Pichler-Platz 8, Innsbruck.


Bronislaus Janulis said...

Best wishes for your exhibition!


(Previous comment had grievous typo)

Martin H. said...

Great news about the exhibition Mike. Deserved recognition of your talent. I'm sure visitors will be inspired.

Mike C. said...

Thanks, guys!

Now that the Panasonic GF1, the Canon 7D, the Sony A850, and the Pentax K7 have all been revealed, I'm hoping some visitors will move beyond inspiration to a uncontrollable desire to buy prints...

I'm going to need money, lots of money...

Anonymous said...

Well I have bought 3 prints and I think at least two other persons have bought prints as well - and this was on the first day of the exhibition.
But I think you will not become rich with the prices you charge.
Anyways your pictures are very inspiring - more than anything I saw before. (Claudia from Innsbruck)

Mike C. said...

Well, thanks very much, Claudia! I'm delighted that you like my pictures.

As to the price, I actually have no idea at the moment how much the gallery is charging. Not a great deal by the sound of it, which is good -- I cannot see how an object as simple to reproduce as an inkjet photograph can be worth thousands. Artificially limiting the numbers to raise the price is not something I'd feel comfortable with, either. Hand printed black and white prints from the darkroom are a different matter -- each one has to be wrestled from the negative.

Thanks again! May I ask which you chose?

Anonymous said...

I chose the 2nd picture you have posted on June 24th and the 2nd picture from August 7th both from the Mirrows Windows Walls series. I couldn't find the 3rd picture on your blog but it was a stucture (What is it in fact?) in white or light grey from "Brilliant Corners" - Claudia

Mike C. said...

Well, you've surprised me again, Claudia, I didn't realise any of the Mirrors Windows Walls work was on display! Not sure about the Brilliant Corners item -- does it have a tree in front, with blue sky, and white clouds? If so, it's the end of a large teaching block here in the university.

Anonymous said...

As we have a meeting with Rupert considering our Tyrolian Documentary Project in the Galery on saturday I have to look again at the picture and find out if I can find the tree and the clouds - I could swear there was no blue sky but I will tell you after saturday if we are talking about the same picture. Claudia

David said...


Saw your exhibition yesterday,having been tempted to drive from Ingolstadt by the photos on your website.
The computer screen doesn't do them justice, compared with the gallery's display; superb!
So inspiring for an amateur photographer; thank you.
(And yes, I bought several prints!)

Mike C. said...


I'm flattered that you made the journey, and delighted you enjoyed the show. Sounds like Rupert Larl (gallery director) has done an excellent job both with the printing and the hanging -- I believe he's going to send me the purchased prints for signing, plus some shots of the installation, so I will get to see them that way.

Many thanks for getting in touch.