Sunday, 16 August 2009


For a large proportion of Britain's population a "holiday" has become so synonymous with "going abroad" that the newspapers have skewed the original meaning of staycation to signify "having a holiday in Britain", which apparently a lot more people are doing this year. This year I'm doing both. A week, now finished (sigh) in Beaminster, Dorset (pron. "Bemminster"), followed by a week at home.

This Vermeer-like interior is the cottage in Beaminster we had rented, viewed in an antique mirror hanging opposite the door. Those are not Dutch clogs by the door, but my son's trainers.

This is a bit of Dorset viewed reflected in the stained glass of the chapel at Mapperton Manor. I like the way it echoes my partner's obsession with completing a four foot wide jigsaw puzzle with which she took over the dining table all week.

Fish pond at Montacute House

As I'm still on holiday but now within reach of my computer, I'm not sure whether I'll post anything more substantial this week or not. Maybe a couple more postcards: not so much "Wish you were here" as "Wish I was still there", perhaps.

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Kent Wiley said...

A second week would be nice. Hope you're not up for anything too strenuous. Maybe some... photography? We've just returned from 10 days on the road, and I could have gone for another week or two. BTW, no boxes of books flown to Michigan and left for those behind us. Dig it...