Wednesday, 24 June 2009

There's Always Lunchtime

I've been preparing for and then, today, running a major software upgrade on our test server, so there's not been much time for reflections on Life, The Universe, And Everything. But there's always lunchtime, which means there's always (or nearly always) an opportunity for photography.

The second image here was one of those where you think, "This is going to be so good, if only I can just keep this thing steady, and have got the exposure right." Oddly (stupidly), I rarely take "insurance" exposures -- it's partly superstition, partly a habit from years using a Fuji medium-format rangefinder -- just 15 shots per film concentrates the mind, though admittedly not as much as using colour film in an 8"x10" view camera.


Kent Wiley said...

Yeah, pretty cool Mike. Have you looked at this fence repeatedly, as in all times of the day? Love to see a sequence, how the light on it changes.

Mike C. said...

Thanks, Kent -- it's not so much a fence as a large rusty cage, bolted onto a wall, enclosing some fans and stuff. And, yes, having found it, I intend to include it in my regular walkabout.