Monday, 9 March 2009

One of Those Days

It's been one of those days, but in a good way. The weather and light has been such that wherever I looked (when I had the opportunity) there were potential pictures, starting with the carpark allotment in the morning, through a lunchtime exploration, to the walk back to the carpark at the end of the day.

Early morning light on my favourite allotment greenhouse,
its polythene lifting in the breeze

A Hall of Mirrors window on campus

A high window in the Student Services building, reflecting solar
in the roof, reflecting light patches onto the wall in turn

The Swimming Pool window reflects the Student Services
building opposite. The tree, for once, is really there.

A good day's unpaid work making photographs inside and around a good day's paid work writing Unix shell scripts. Sometimes, it all makes sense. Thanks to whoever/whatever sets these things up.

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