Friday, 6 February 2009

Colour Thaw

After a monochrome week, briefly today the sun shone and, although everywhere else was dreich and covered in grey slush, the colours seemed to thaw out in the ornamental pond, a little promise of Spring.

Talking of Spring and ponds, one of my main concerns this year will be to listen out for the return of the frogs. There has been a devastating virus about in the last few years that has wiped out a lot of our frogs. We had no frogspawn last year in our little garden pond, and neither was there any evidence of the annual February Frog, um, Frenzy which traditionally takes place around my birthday in the Botanic Garden pond.

Their Barry White croaking at night under my bedroom window has been a reliable harbinger of Spring: let's hope they'll be back this year.

February Frog Frenzy, 1996

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