Saturday, 24 January 2009

What, More Windows?

All the indications are that my preoccupation with university windows is boring you rigid (at least, I'm assuming that's what accounts for the recent dramatic fall off in readership ...) but -- guess what? -- here are some more.

Come on, you've got to admit those are rather fine.

Talking of readership, I seem to have about twenty or so "regulars," of whom I can account for only about ten. It would be nice to know who you are (Hi there, Brampton and Moose Jaw! Hola, Tuxtla Gutierrez y Madrid!). Blogger's statistics only resolve to "city" level -- so you may be relieved to know that your anonymity is assured. But if you feel like getting in touch with me (email mic "at" you'd be very welcome. And if you're finding this blog interesting, why not tell your friends?

One reason to get in touch is that I will soon be having a clearout of postcards, etc., that I have made, and am thinking about some kind of "postal art" project that might make this more fun. To do that, I'll be needing a good selection of terrestrial addresses.


Jack Nelson said...

Tuxtla Gutierrez? Did you just pull that out of thin air or did your stats tel you that. Actually I'm Jack and I'm in San Cristobal de Las Casas just up the mountain from Tuxtla and I'm a subscriber.

Maggie said...

Maggie in Bangor, Maine. But statcounter tells me I'm in Dodge City, Kansas, for some unfathomable reason. I love the pictures! Often I read through Google Reader though, so probably don't show up. You might have a lot of readers who went to that once they realized they'd be back all the time!

Mike C. said...

Jack: No, it's not the sort of name I could come up with -- Google Analytics tells me what "city" readers connect from (forgive my Anglo ignorance & prejudices, but -- far from a city -- "TG" conjures up a sleepy rural Mexican idyll, complete with men in sombreros, where C. Castaneda would stop off for a beer before visiting Don Juan... But I expect it's a post-modern anywhere, like everywhere else...) However, San Cristobal de Las Casas does turn up, so perhaps you've got a like-minded neighbour!

Maggie: What, even the windows? Thank you, I feel renewed, even as I sit here on Sunday morning, trying to clear the fog in my brain (just one glass of red wine!) Dodge City! I expect you're too young (or too American) for that name to give you the chills!! Thanks for the suggestion about Reader -- I feel better already. BTW someone did show up from Bangor yesterday -- first time I've seen it -- but never anyone from Dodge City (trust me, I'd have noticed).

Many thanks both of you for commenting.

Maggie said...

*Especially* the windows! I adore pictures of windows. The ideal picture to have on the wall would be one of a window looking out.

I don't think youth is a problem for me, but Dodge City conjures nothing for me but Gunsmoke and driving the long way across Kansas, one way to experience eternity in our lifetimes. Though Montana is worse.

Oh, beautiful, sure, but it takes two solid days of driving to cross Montana. Time stops. So much sky, so much Montana. I might still be there.

Mike C. said...

No, Gunsmoke is it -- Chester with his limp, and all. That's why I say "too American" -- you know what it's really like. (Next, you'll be telling me Chicago is not a toddlin' town at all, and a byword for corrupt politicians).

My favourite example of this is the opera by Donizetti in which the action takes place "in the mountains outside Liverpool." That is *so* hysterically funny, if you've ever been anywhere near Liverpool. But presumably not, if you've never been far from Naples ...

I think it's our duty to cherish our illusions about each others' countries.

Maggie said...

In that case, I commend you for your bowler and tightly furled umbrella and many, many cups of tea. Oh and Empire. Right.

Please keep up the illusions about the U.S. as everything seems to be falling apart and we'll need someone to remind us what we're supposed to be like.