Monday, 26 January 2009

Another Day, Another Window

This window appears to have propellers and pyramids. It's one of the special "impossible to clean" curved windows the architect designed personally for our Library refurbishment project a few years ago.

And this is an early morning scene in the car park allotments, with the rising sun falling on a poly tunnel, that sort of rhymes:

And, putting the two together, this mysterious object is an impossible-to-clean curved window that is a poly tunnel! Actually, it's an inflatable bubble, which the same architect thought would be a really cool way of filling a hole in the roof (where more conventional souls would have put a "window" or "skylight"). It has to be kept pumped up or it will leak, and, yes, it is filling with water ... I call it the Belly of the Whale.

We're standing underneath the thing, btw. Let's step back a bit: nope, it doesn't look any less ominous. And, yes, someone has thrown something up inside the horizontal fabric blinds that had to be installed to cut down the heat gain from this enormous air- and increasingly water-filled lens.

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