Thursday, 27 November 2008

We Apologise For This Interruption to Normal Service

Although I have quite a few things waiting in the pipeline, the written content of this blog may go a little thin for a month or so, although I can guarantee the images will continue relentlessly. I like to write, but I can't help making pictures.

The reason for this is that both of our children suffer from Crohn's Disease, and from time to time one of them will need to go onto a fluid-only diet (a food supplement called Modulen) which calms and suppresses the symptoms when they approach an unacceptable level. This is rotten for them (how would you feel about eating nothing but 330 ml. of a milkshake-like drink, six times a day, every day, for a month or more? When at school?) but is also time-consuming for me -- the stuff has to be made up from canned powder every night, decanted into bottles and refrigerated, then everything thoroughly washed, etc. Blogging time will necessarily shrink until just before Christmas, when Number One Son will be reprieved.

Meantime, here are today's windows:

Mondrian Meets The Triple E Building

Weird Scenes Inside the Concert Hall

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